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We best get up to date with what has been happening.

Cut a number of swims out, the very bottom of Woodgreen has been cleared. If you go over the fence and across the little bridge at Norton’s hole you can now walk right to the limit of the fishery, which is the concrete spill weir. It has only opened about 4 swims but they do look nice, the depth along that bank means they could do very well in winter.

Had a working party back in May to fix one bridge and make two new bridges for the ditches on Woodgreen. The poles for the bridge at the top of Clarks bank were shot, re-planked it last year but knew then that they needed changing. Anyway managed to get 6 , 10m poles and some new planking. Started Sat morning and we were finished by Sat afternoon, with time for lunch at Reg and Mary’s (which I must admit was lovely). There were a couple of steps required for one of the bridges which Dave very kindly finished whilst I was on holiday.

A big thank you to: Reg, Mary, Dave, Steve, Craig, Roger and Phil, for the help, could not have done it without them.

Been doing some work on Charford island, cut in 8 swims to the lower arm of the river, left lots of cover so you should be able to get in without spooking the fish. I have plans to cut more but the undergrowth is too thick to see the best routes so will have ago in the autumn. While cutting through I have been planting some of the off cuts of willow on the upper arm side of the island, the plan is to let this side get established and I will start to cut swims out along that bank as well.

The river looks beautiful, the weed is growing all over, which is a big relief after last year.The start of the season was pretty quite nobody around first day and only 1 on the bank first weekend. Up to now there has been a lot of chub caught, no real monster but good fish up to 6.04lbs. Barbel have been showing as well, best so far was 14.09, with mostly doubles coming out and one 9lber!

So far 8 fish have been reported, which I don’t think is too bad for the start of the season.  There have been a good number of barbel seen, I saw 2 fish role in the bottom of the dog leg (wed 15th July). Some nice barbel have been seen along North Street and also a number of decent size carp.

Recently a number of grayling have been showing in the weirs which I think is wonderful, there used to be a good head of decent grayling but over the years they tended to disappear, I am glad to see that they are on the up.

Anyway thats my update for now, will keep the news coming, please send me any photo’s of your captures.

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First Year

New season 2015/16

First Year

Been a while, having a few issues with the web site, The new web site will be here soon and the new name will be "Charford Farm Fishery".

My first year running Hale has been interesting. The lack of weed due to the big floods of last year meant that float fishing was easier, but the silkweed coming off the riverbed meant ledgering was difficult. that being said we did have a good few Barbel caught 44 reported though not all had photo's, lots of big Chub and some very decent Dace.

Had a report of a 1lb Roach caught last week of the season as well as some very nice 6lb Chub.

As always at this time of year the subs are due for the 15/16 season, prices remain the same as last year £175

if you pay before the 31/03/15 and £200 if you pay after.

Hope to see you on the bank next season.