For the coarse angler, barbel and chub are the main target. Dace are common during the summer and autumn. Roach, perch, bream, pike and carp are present with a good run of sea trout and salmon. 
All species have been recorded to specimen size.​​The fishery has a self supporting population of brown trout and enjoys a prolific and prolonged mayfly hatch lasting from June to September. Salmon and Seatrout fishing is available and included in the annual fee.
Normal rules of angling etiquette and fish handling apply, our rules are kept to a minimum, night fishing IS allowed and members may bring a guest (limited 6 per season)!
Free fly fishing lessons are available upon request.

​​The fishery is 2 miles long and both banks are accessible, giving 4 miles of fishable bank, there are 3 weir pools, and some side streams.​ The fishery affords both game and coarse fishing for the entire year.

For many years these beats were only salmon fished and coarse fishing was seldom practised. The fishery holds specimen chub and barbel and many members have achieved their "PB" in several species from these waters.

Charford Farm Fishery​
Is situated on the Hampshire Avon and lies on the edge of the New Forest National Park, between Downton Wiltshire and Fordingbridge Hampshire.

It is approximately 10 miles south of Salisbury and 12 miles north of Ringwood.